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Personal Training

Personal Training with Super Nutrition

The Super Nutrition staff have been helping our clients reach their health and fitness goals for over 15 years. Dan Widmer, our founder and owner, has been personally overseeing the nutrition and training of clients since 2011.

All personal training programs designed by Super Nutrition are 100% custom, and created to fit each client’s unique needs and situations. The thorough nature of the evaluation process, program development, implementation, and frequent on-going program monitoring are what set Super Nutrition's training and nutrition programs apart.

Our personal training programs take a comprehensive approach, incorporating nutrition, resistance training, cardiovascular training, and supplementation, and combine them, while  taking into consideration each clients’ lifestyle factors.  This enables us to create an optimal program for each client to reach their specific goals.

All our programs, except the Basic Program, come with a free 30 minute consultation, check-ins, and progress monitoring and feedback sessions (via email or text) at a minimum of once weekly, and unlimited access and contact throughout the program via email and text messaging (excluding the BASIC program which comes with email contact only). Skype, phone, and video consultations and progress monitoring sessions may be arranged at an additional charge.


Super Nutrition believes in maintaining a balance between a healthy lifestyle and reaching fitness and physique goals. We strive to help clients attain maximum results in minimal time as safely as possible. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to health and fitness. All programs are 100% custom tailored to each individual client. We believe in applying a nutritional strategy based on macronutrient manipulation to achieve desired body composition utilizing mainly micronutrient dense whole foods. We believe in custom tailoring the structure (intensity, frequency, duration, etc.) of each clients’ resistance and cardiovascular training program specific to the needs of that individuals’ circumstances.

Personal Training Packages and Pricing

Fitness Evaluation - $50

Personal Training 1 Session - $50

Personal Training 10 Sessions - $450

Personal Training 20 Sessions - $800


Client Testimonials

Robert S.

"After unsuccessfully trying to get in shape with gym trainers and fad diet programs, I contacted Dan in 2016. I went from 210 lbs. to 168 lbs. in about 6 months. To accomplish this, Dan assembled a custom meal, workout and supplement plan that fit my busy lifestyle. In addition to our regular check-ins, Dan made himself available by phone and text message for questions I had and he thoroughly explained his plans so that I felt comfortable with them. After completing the program, I have more energy, fit my clothes well, and have more confidence. I highly recommend his program to anybody who has the motivation but who needs accountability and expertise from a professional."

Collin Reatherford

"I have been a client of Dan's for a little over 5 years and a customer of Super Nutrition ever since it opened. Dan and Jeff have an intensive knowledge and experience background of over 15 years in overall health, nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, strength training, bodybuilding. It's nice to have a local family owned business that focuses on comprehensive health, nutrition, and performance."

Contact us for more information on our personal training packages.  

Free Shipping over $150!
$10 Flat Rate Shipping in Illinois
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